A Few Surprises – New Business Venture

I didn't know that!

I didn’t know that!

A Few Surprises with New Business Venture

After completing my 42nd year in banking, it was time to move on and challenge myself in a new way.  My passion has always been creating and developing new initiatives, whether they are new products, departments, divisions, or building new branches or starting a new company.  These entrepreneurial ventures have always focused on helping improve customers’ financial position.

What have I recently learned that inspired me to create a new business?

1.  I can help people improve their credit score, within 30 days, and

2.  I can help you sell your life insurance policy for considerably more than its cash surrender value.

Who knew?  I’m surprised that I didn’t know about these two opportunities after a 42-year career in banking.  So, I’m on an educational journey to inform and educate as many people as I can about these exciting opportunities to improve people’s financial situation.

I’ve had breakfast, coffees and lunches with colleagues and friends and they have been considerate enough to share their strategic partners with me, and I have met with them as well.  This journey will continue, hopefully meeting with as many people as possible informing them how they can improve their financial future, and those of their clients.

These financial planning tools aren’t for everyone.  But, if they’re right for you, that’s all that counts!

Here are two more surprises that convinced me that this new business venture would make an impact on peoples’ lives.

1.  In addition to understanding that a good credit score is important to get a home loan, the price you pay for automobile insurance is heavily influenced by your credit score!

2.  Life insurance companies certainly aren’t going to tell you that you can sell your policy; their profitability is based on a very high percentage of policies to lapse. That means that after years of paying premiums, no one receives the death benefit of the life insurance policy!  After learning that, my first thought was to start a new life insurance company!?!  But seriously, it’s more important to let people who already have a life insurance policy understand that they have options.

I’ll be posting additional information about both of these topics. There is more information on my website at www.BrightPathFinancialCorp.com, or feel free to contact me anytime to learn more.  I’d like to help you and your clients  achieve a better financial future!


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