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What I didn’t know……

Thanks to the Minnesota Bankers’ Association for publishing this article in their March/April 2015 edition of MBA News. What I Didn’t Learn in 42 Years in the Banking Industry It’s hard to believe, but as bankers we really don’t know everything about the financial industry, even with 42 years of experience in the industry. Certainly […]

My Key Lime Pie Tour

Today was a great day because it ended by purchasing an entire Key Lime Pie to-go, with homemade whipped cream.  This was from my favorite restaurant in Key Largo, FL, described later how this pie compares with others throughout the Keys. With more than 20 years of Key Lime Pie tasting, I consider myself to […]

A Few Surprises – New Business Venture

A Few Surprises with New Business Venture After completing my 42nd year in banking, it was time to move on and challenge myself in a new way.  My passion has always been creating and developing new initiatives, whether they are new products, departments, divisions, or building new branches or starting a new company.  These entrepreneurial […]