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Life Insurance Contract Terms Eliminates Options

Whenever we purchase goods or services, they generally come with standard terms and conditions, which will include responsibilities of the seller and the buyer.  This will also typically include warranty information and a description of the circumstances in which you can return and get reimbursed for the goods and services you purchased. Similarly, contracts for […]


The Background A 84 year old male had three policies. One policy through Protective Life and the other two with West Coast Life. The policies had face amounts of $190,000, $200,000 and $330,000. The total annual premiums on the policies were approximately $36,000. The insured was using the cash value of the policies to pay […]


The Background A 90 year old female had a $3,000,000 insurance policy Business Tagline with Mass Mutual. The annual insurance premiums were$96,000. The cash surrender value was only $80,000. The Problem or Challenge The insured had too much life insurance for her needs. She also had a $5,000,000 policy for a combined $8,000,000 in coverage. The […]

Maximize Fundraising Options

Maximize fundraising options Is your non-profit facing decreasing donations? Do you need to increase capital for your operating budget? A great option is often overlooked and awareness is also lacking; something we would like to change. Let’s take a look at your donated life insurance portfolio – there is real potential there! Our team recently […]

Credit Repair: Finance Company in Nevada

Our Board of Directors has unanimously decided to continue working with Prime National after our 1-year review of your company and services. We were initially very hesitant partnering with another credit repair company, because we were previously “burned” before by another company. We admire your organization for adhering to all the rules and regulations of […]