Maximize Fundraising Options

Maximize fundraising options

Is your non-profit facing decreasing donations? Do you need to increase capital for your operating budget?

A great option is often overlooked and awareness is also lacking; something we would like to change. Let’s take a look at your donated life insurance portfolio – there is real potential there!

Our team recently networked with a doctor who was involved with a non-profit and discovered two policies that had real potential. Here are the details:

1). $5 million policy insuring an 84 year-old female with $175,000 annual premium and a cash surrender value of only $88,000, and
2).  $2 million policy insuring a 75 year-old male with an $80,000 annual premium and a tiny surrender value of $23,000.

The doctor connected us with the non-profit organization and our team went to work looking for the maximum value available for these policies.

Utilizing our network of secondary market policy buyers, we were able to close purchases of both insurance policies; the first for $800,000 and the second for $300,000. These transactions provided the non-profit $1.1 million instead of $100,000. Consider how many more services, meals and community outreach projects your non-profit could provide with an extra $1 million in liquid assets?

Our team can help your team reach fundraising goals.

Our team can help your team reach fundraising goals.

 Our team would like to help your team enhance its capital raising capabilities. We can leverage our competitive bidding process to get you more for your existing life insurance policies. We can also help you establish a plan to educate and encourage donors to contribute their life insurance policy to you.

Call us now to learn more. I’d be happy to visit you at your office or meet you for coffee at a time and place convenient to you.

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