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Maximize Fundraising Options

Maximize fundraising options Is your non-profit facing decreasing donations? Do you need to increase capital for your operating budget? A great option is often overlooked and awareness is also lacking; something we would like to change. Let’s take a look at your donated life insurance portfolio – there is real potential there! Our team recently […]

How much life insurance is enough?

You may have asked yourself this question recently – maybe after a passing of a close friend, colleague or family member.  I know that I have.  Life can change in an instant; it’s important to enjoy the moment, but at the same time, prepare for the inevitable.  There are very few certainties in life and […]

My Key Lime Pie Tour

Today was a great day because it ended by purchasing an entire Key Lime Pie to-go, with homemade whipped cream.  This was from my favorite restaurant in Key Largo, FL, described later how this pie compares with others throughout the Keys. With more than 20 years of Key Lime Pie tasting, I consider myself to […]

New Trends in Credit Scoring

New Trends in Credit Scoring A fall journey to an improved credit score may soon be just be a few key strokes away. The current system of determining a person’s creditworthiness is “inadequate and insufficient” and is costing both consumers and creditors, said Zaydoon Munir, founder and CEO of RevolutionCredit, in an article by CNBC’s […]

A Few Surprises – New Business Venture

A Few Surprises with New Business Venture After completing my 42nd year in banking, it was time to move on and challenge myself in a new way.  My passion has always been creating and developing new initiatives, whether they are new products, departments, divisions, or building new branches or starting a new company.  These entrepreneurial […]

Credit Repair: Finance Company in Nevada

Our Board of Directors has unanimously decided to continue working with Prime National after our 1-year review of your company and services. We were initially very hesitant partnering with another credit repair company, because we were previously “burned” before by another company. We admire your organization for adhering to all the rules and regulations of […]