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Life Insurance Contract Terms Eliminates Options

Whenever we purchase goods or services, they generally come with standard terms and conditions, which will include responsibilities of the seller and the buyer.  This will also typically include warranty information and a description of the circumstances in which you can return and get reimbursed for the goods and services you purchased. Similarly, contracts for […]


The Background A 84 year old male had three policies. One policy through Protective Life and the other two with West Coast Life. The policies had face amounts of $190,000, $200,000 and $330,000. The total annual premiums on the policies were approximately $36,000. The insured was using the cash value of the policies to pay […]


The Background A 90 year old female had a $3,000,000 insurance policy Business Tagline with Mass Mutual. The annual insurance premiums were$96,000. The cash surrender value was only $80,000. The Problem or Challenge The insured had too much life insurance for her needs. She also had a $5,000,000 policy for a combined $8,000,000 in coverage. The […]

Effect of Power of Attorney

A prospect’s son called me last week, informing me that he was his father’s Power of Attorney.  He told me that he had responsibility for his father’s financial affairs, and it was important that I was aware of that.  The implication was that I was wasting my time talking with his father because he controlled […]

A Sad Story…..

In January, I was calling leads that were interested in learning more about life insurance settlements.  Many seniors don’t know that they can sell their existing life insurance policy(ies) for cash now and no longer be required to make future premium payments on the policy(ies). A 77-year old male from Arizona, with $3 million in […]

What I didn’t know……

Thanks to the Minnesota Bankers’ Association for publishing this article in their March/April 2015 edition of MBA News. What I Didn’t Learn in 42 Years in the Banking Industry It’s hard to believe, but as bankers we really don’t know everything about the financial industry, even with 42 years of experience in the industry. Certainly […]

Big Rethink – Entrepreneurial CMO

I was fortunate to attend The Economist’s, The Big Rethink in NYC, attracting like-minded marketers exploring our profession. Marketing means different things to different people. It’s actually a very broad profession, somewhat similar to being a physician. Do you know a dermatologist who is willing to talk to you about your stomach issues? Here are […]

Rules versus Principles

I was fortunate to attend an event sponsored by Gray Plant Mooty. Initially, I wasn’t very excited about the speaker; I didn’t like what he did and what he stood for because he was known to be rather “fast” throughout the 90’s and into the 00’s.  He bent rules to enrich his company, officers, and […]